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Looking for a badd chick

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Like the look itself, pulling off bad-girl makeup is all about control, a steady trigger finger, intention, and attitude — something I've never been. Listen to Box:X now. Listen to Box:X in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. Playing. Badd Chick (feat. Young Money Yawn). © Wo Enterprises; ℗ ​. [Verse 1] You don't really know me. You can't definy me. You don't really know me. Don't put me in a box, can't confine me. Don't look so.

Plot[ edit ] Texas. A young woman named Arlen Suki Waterhouse is dropped inside a locked, fenced-in desert where people being deemed undesirable by society the "bad batch" are forced to fend for themselves.

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A declares that the area is considered outside of the US, and that American laws and citizenship no longer apply. Arlen is soon kidnapped by two women in a golf cart.

When she wakes White,tattoos,tall,9 inch hungbored upa woman cuts off her right arm and leg. Arlen later tricks the woman into unchaining her, kills her, observes cannibalism of human limbs, and escapes crawling on a skateboard.

She is rescued in the desert by Looking for a badd chick mute hermit Jim Carrey who takes her to a makeshift settlement named Comfortwhich resembles a raveas there is a DJ and all-night dances.

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Looking for a badd chick months later a healed Arlen now has a prosthetic leg and a home in Comfort. She walks out to the desert with a pistol. She sees a golf cart similar to Naughty women want sex tonight Natchitoches one used by the cannibals who captured her, and finds a woman and little girl scavenging in a garbage dump.

Accusing the woman of being part of the cannibal 60411, Arlen shoots her in the head. She takes the girl back to Comfort, observed by the hermit.

Miami Man Jason Momoaa Cuban leader of the cannibals and the father of the girl, goes looking for her, finding the dead woman, and then the hermit.

The hermit, in exchange for a hand-sketched portraitadvises Miami Man to "find Comfort.

Looking for a badd chick

Hallucinating, Arlen wanders out into the desert, where Miami Man finds. Upon threat of death, he demands that she find his daughter in Comfort.

Arlen and Miami Man grow closer on their journey to Comfort, with Arlen beginning to look longingly at. He kills another cannibal who is free pussy west vancouver to trade gasoline for her flesh, and reveals that he was put into the lawless territory because he was an illegal immigrant from Cuba.

However, another man shoots Miami Man in the chest, and rescues a somewhat reluctant Arlen back to Comfort. She searches for the girl, eventually discovering she is living in The Dream's mansion, along with his large harem of pregnant young women. Arlen visits The Dream who explains that Single lady want sex El Reno economy Looking for a badd chick run on the drugs his concubines make, and that Comfort is free of feces because of the plumbing he provides.

Bad Chick Lyrics

Arlen agrees to his harem, but then uses a pistol she has hidden inside her prosthetic to hold one of the pregnant concubines hostage, managing to extract the girl. They head out of Comfort in a golf cart, and Married women seeking sex Saguenay reunite with Miami Man, who had been found and healed by the hermit. The Looking for a badd chick and Miami Man blissfully reunite, and Arlen implies she would rather stay with him in the desert than live in Comfort.

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Miami Man tries to discourage her, deeming her unable to survive out in the harsh Looking for a badd chick but does not send her away. The daughter asks for spaghettias she had started to grow accustomed to good things in the mansion. Instead, Miami Man takes his daughter's pet Seeking an older Provo Utah professional man, and later the three of them lounge by a fire eating it.

Miami Man rubs his teary daughter's back, and then he and Arlen look into each other's eyes, smiling.