Personalized Private Instruction

Are you thinking about grooming cats as a career? Or are you not sure if you can do it?

Angela offers a day of observation to let you come and watch if it is something you think you are interested in but are not sure you can do it and during the course of the day you can ask as many questions as you want. Grooming hours would be 9am-3pm with an hour for lunch on your own. For a day of observatoin $350.00.

Are you already sure you want to groom cats, but you now want some PPI so that you can be ready for Certification?

Angela offers one to three days of PPI consecutive days and possibly more days on a case per case basis. If you are neww to grooming cats, or have some experience grooming or your a dog groomer, Angela can get your ready to take your practical test for Certification through the National Cat Groomers Institute. Grooming hours would be 9am-3pm with an hour for lunch on your own. For a day of hands on grooming $500.00.

Workshops will also be scheduled if you want more of a class setting and not one-on-one

Angela will offer a two day workshop for those who want more of a class setting. The first day will be observing and a hour lunch on your own. The second day will be some observing and a few hands on.

Please call: (513) 612-0815 for more information or email me at: to sign up for PPI of more information for the next workshop scheduled. Please print off the Policies for PPI, read over it and sign and return it to Angela Sexton either by email or mail it to Angela Sexton, 580 Rockwell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238.

For more information about Angela Sexton check out the About page.