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I graduated from the Cincinnati Zoo School Academy in 1994.  It is a two year program for high school juniors and seniors to work around the exotic animals at the Cincinnati Zoo. Half of our day was spent on Zoo grounds working with the animals and learning all about their care, the other half of the day was spent in a classroom to learn our regular academics.  They focused on natural resources and wildlife management.  I received my diploma for high school and I also attained a certificate in Animal Conservation and Care.  During the two years that I was attending the Cincinnati Zoo School Academy, I also worked with the trainers in the Bird Show, Cat Show and Elephant Show. This is where I started picking up the training of animals and how they applied it at the Cincinnati Zoo with the wild animals.

I started Angela’s Dog Obedience in 1996.  I specialized in Behavior Modification and Basic Obedience.  I love helping dogs and their owners to be able to understand each other more and to be able to live together happier.  Delhi Pet Centre let me use their facility to offer class sessions.  I also, did a wide variety of one on one and in home sessions for those who had more behavior type issues.

I attended Dayton Academy of Dog Grooming School in 2000.  The school was a state registered school.  I attended over 400 hours.  I received hands on training and also some lecture and classwork as well.  I received my Certificate for Master Pet Grooming.

I opened A Doggie Day Spa in 2002.  I added doggie daycare and boarding to my services with the dog grooming and training.  I enjoyed working with the dogs in group settings and being able to study dogs in a pack setting.

I also attended Ohio Academy of Pet Styling, in 2005.  I received a Certificate in advance grooming, that was geared towards hand scissoring of poodles.  It was an 80 hour course of hands on only.

I am also Certified for Pet CPR and First Aid through American Red Cross and an instructor.

I attended Brandenburg Massage Therapy School in 2012 to receive my certification for Canine Massage Therapy and Equine Massage Therapy.  The class sizes were 4 students and it was an accelerated class to learn with hands on and book work.  We had to pass a written exam and a practical exam at the end of class. This entailed a massage on a dog and a horse, as well as the anatomy of both the dog and the horse.

I have attended and I am currently a level 4 Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, working towards my certification.  All four classes involves bookwork and also hands on for all 4 levels.

I attended National Cat Groomers Institute of America in January of 2013.  It is a two week exclusive cat grooming school that entails everything from proper handling techniques to proper grooming styles. The school is hands on as well as classroom. I am the first Certified Feline Master Groomer located in Cincinnati. To achieve my Certification, I had to pass several hands on practical of proper handing, bathing and styling techniques as well as written exams.

I have been Pet Sitting since 2001.  I closed A Doggie’s Day Spa in December of 2012.  I wanted to have a more intimate and closer relationship to the animals that I work with and their owners.  I also wanted to work with more than just dogs.

I have taken my exam through Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® (CCPDT®) and I have received my title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed. I will be working towards my Skills Assessed Certification as well as Behavior Consultant.

I have started my process of attaining my Certification through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), as a National Certified Master Groomer. The NDGAA certification is a series of written test over the different groups, also a practical of demonstrating your skill of handling and grooming techniques of the different groups of dogs.  I have obtained my title National Certified Master Groomer in March 2017. I am one of the few in Cincinnati, Ohio that has achieved the high standards.

I am actively attending seminars and classes to stay up to date with the changing of pet care.  I am also actively associated with and a member of the following organizations:

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA)
  • National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA)
  • International Association of Animal Massage and Bodyworks (IAAMB)
  • Pet Sitters International (PSI)
  • National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG)






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H Andrew Lipps

Angela’s grooming, pet sitting and massage skills are UNMATCHED in the Cincinnati area. If you want the best for your pet and want an individual who truly treats your pet as if it was hers (and she treats her pets VERY WELL) look no further. I have taken advantage of all of her services and have been very satisfied with all of her work.... Read More
H Andrew Lipps